Communication and Information Division

External Services

Overall Objective

To improve information sharing and management, promote collective advocacy, maximize participation and build consensus on democracy and human rights issues in Uganda.

External Services is implemented under the Communication and Information Division. Comprehensive access to knowledge and information is widely recognized as an imperative prerequisite for effective human rights education and advocacy. The function of the Communication and Information division supports the FHRI human rights advocacy agenda through the use of ICTs and information sharing. The division provides greater access to information for the broadest user-ship that can be reached. Through various strategies under the Communication and Information services, FHRI penetrates the public forum to frame, present and influence concerns about FHRI, its work and opinion on topical and pertinent human rights issues. The division also spearheads the FHRI membership drive to promote collective advocacy. The Communication and Information function has three activity areas:

1.    Communication and Information

  • Human Rights and Democracy Information Center.
  • Public Affairs Unit.
  • Documentation Unit.

2.   Membership Development
3.    Information and Communication Technology (ICT) support.

Communication and Information.

Human Rights and Democracy Information Center.

Through its Communication and Information Division, FHRI maintains a state of the art Human Rights and Democracy Information Center to support program implementation as well as respond to the human rights information needs of its clientele including provision of on-line resources. An information data-base will be installed to ease information retrieval and access. The Center provides library, internet, secretarial support services; issue e-newsletters; maintains the FHRI website and social media platforms; conduct media briefings; participate in book exhibitions; issue press releases; and oversees the publication and dissemination of the Annual Report to keep the entire human rights community and FHRI partners and members informed of FHRI past and up-coming activities and any emerging human rights issues.

Public Affairs Unit.

The Public Affairs Unit promotes the FHRI corporate image and creates awareness of services rendered by the organization as well as explaining its advocacy work to the greater public. The Unit manages FHRI’s media relations in order to enhance visibility of its Actions; organizes media briefings; issues press releases and urgent actions. FHRI identifies with causes and provide support where possible.

The Documentation Unit.

The Unit oversees the publication of the Annual reports and reprint of the FHRI organizational brochure. The unit takes advantage of public fora and platforms to market and disseminate FHRI publications.


Membership Development.
FHRI is a membership organisation with an organisational structure that comprises the General Assembly, Patron, Trustees, Board of Directors, the Working Group and the Secretariat.
The General Assembly is the supreme governing body of FHRI; the Trustees are the custodians of FHRI property and Constitution. The Patron on the other hand promotes awareness of the values and mission of FHRI while the Working Group is a think-tank of the organisation with a mandate of providing strategic direction on emerging issues. The Board of Directors provides strategic direction to the organisation and the Secretariat is the implementing arm.
Membership is open to all individuals who subscribe to the aims and objectives of the Foundation. The membership of FHRI has grown to over 1400 members from 84 districts in Uganda and across the boarder. Over the years, members have contributed to realizing FHRI objectives through collection of human rights information and fundraising. A deliberate effort to keep members abreast with developments at FHRI is done through membership platforms and the publication of an electronic newsletter (e-newsletter) detailing FHRI activities over the period.

- FHRI membership is categorized into two;
Friends of the Organization membership:
 These are required to pay any amount up to US $ 149.9
Life membership:
 Those who aspire to become Life Members of the organization are required to pay US $ 150 and currently FHRI has over 88 Life Members.
Membership benefits
1. All members are invited to attend the Annual General Meeting (AGM).
2. Life members are eligible to become Trustees, members of the Working Group and Board of Directors.
3. Life members at the AGM vote and elect members to the Board of Directors every three years.
4. All members are entitled to receive updates on the activities of the organization and are part of a national information network for the organization.
5. All members may be invited to FHRI's conferences and training workshops.
6. All members can access and use the FHRI Information Centre at a subsidised cost.
Membership Roles and Responsibilities:
1. Members must subscribe to the Vision, Mission and Values of FHRI.
2. Publicize the organisation;
3. Participate in on-going organisational activities; be proactive and prompt the organisation on imperative concerns that the organisation needs to take on.
4. Report incidences of human rights abuse and provide information that is used in exposing the latter.
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